About Genaray

Genaray is a full service LED light manufacturer, providing a wide range of effective lighting solutions for a myriad of real world applications. We're proud to offer separate, focused LED product lines for professional photographers, videographers, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and consumers. Each product developed by Genaray receives the same level of quality control and attention to detail, ensuring that every light is made to our exacting standards. The evolution of our lighting products never stops. We believe there is always a way to improve design, quality, ease of use, and reliability, and we keep our customers in mind through each step of our development process.

Why LED?

LED lights are energy efficient and durable alternatives to traditional studio lights, offering more consistent light output over time and superior brightness. LED bulbs last longer, provide excellent color quality, and are safer to use than tungsten lamps. In the world of photo, video, and broadcast production, LED is a solid choice because they run quite cool and vastly reduce studio cooling costs.